5 Facts About Kitchens To Inspire You To Renovate Yours

With a budget in hand, you’re probably thinking of all the ways you can remodel your kitchen. Truly the possibilities are endless. Here are some stats that may help with your household project.


1. In 2015, 1 out of 10 homeowners renovated their kitchen

They say the primary reason why people buy a house is the kitchen. Do you agree? I know I do. The kitchen is probably the only place where I don’t have to think. It’s when I’m laser focused on  a task–the task of getting food in my belly that is. That’s why I think if you were to choose a room to renovate in the house, it should be the kitchen first.


2. Only 1 out of 3 people did not hire a professional to remodel their kitchen

When it comes to down and dirty work like this, you’ll want someone who’s done the job many times in a well executed manner. Trust me when I say you’d want a professional to work on your kitchen for you.


3. The median cost for a kitchen remodel is $60,000

We’re talking cabinets, appliances, flooring, the whole shebang. Kitchen renovation ain’t cheap, but it’s definitely worth it.


4. Quartz countertops as opposed to granite are one of the top makeovers people make in their kitchen

It’s out with the granite and in with fancy quartz. You know you want to see that gleaming rock in your house.


5. LED lighting under cabinets and range hoods is also all the rage in kitchen remodeling

Think of those yellow lights lighting up every meal you prepare in your fancy stove. It’ll surely help a lot with your appetite, your Instagram flatlays, and just your overall appreciation of the beautiful visuals in your life.


Other renovations you’d probably want are white shaker style cabinets, subway tiles, and smart storage upgrades.


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