7 Home Remodeling Ideas To Try

I look around my dingy, basic house and think, man I need to spruce this place up. Although it’s totally not in my budget to do that, it’s nice to think about which areas of the house I would redesign if I had the money. So, for all the home improvement prioritizers out there, here are seven remodeling ideas you may want to consider:

1. Make your attic a loft

Man, when I read the word loft I just think comfy modern bean bag seats, cool lamps, and clean cabinets full of the best collection of books I can find. Wouldn’t you want a place to stay in when things get a little hot and steamy on the ground floor? An attic-turned-loft would be perfect for that.

2. Consider purchasing solar panels to save on your energy costs

It’s not too late to be on the green team. If you purchase solar panels, you’ll at least have a little footing on the pro-environment collective. You’d also get a good expense cut for your energy costs at the same time.

3. Add another bathroom

Don’t you just hate it when you really wanna use the bathroom but someone is inside. You won’t need to worry about that problem anymore when you have two bathrooms. Or go crazy and go for three bathrooms just to be extra prudent. You have the option to put tubs on all, no tubs on all, or tubs in just one or two of the bathrooms just to expand your fun options.

4. Add another room

Go big and construct another room for just about anything you can think of that a room is for–a music room, a playroom, a guest room, a video game room, a movie room, or even a room for all your pet iguanas. When it comes to rooms in a house, I think it’s safe to say it’ll benefit you more than it’ll harm you.

5. Create a sunroom

They say architecture is just how you play with light in a house. Go maximum on that ideology and create a room dedicated just to highlight the morning sunlight beaming on a part of your house–a sun room. Add in some cute chairs, an espresso machine, a huge refrigerator full of light beers. You have a winning sun room.

6. Remodel your kitchen

I’ve come to realize lately that really the kitchen makes a house. Go all in on that ideology and make your kitchen the best that it could possibly be for you. Add an oven, an electric grill, 10 stoves, go crazy.

7. Pay attention to your front lawn

They say plants make a house’s value go higher than you think. When I took a bus to the mountains, I wasn’t not scared, and one of the things I remember from the trip are the plants that grew on the mountain side. I saw the same plants in a shop. I thought, why not remind myself of that not-that-happy-hormone-inducing exuding experience by buying the plant and place it in my lawn. I think my neighbors liked it. I know I do.

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